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Sabtu, 05 September 2009

[VIDEO] 2PM cuts di Star King

video kedua Nichkhun berakting-ria dengan parody drama "Style".. dia promosi produk microbiotic yang harusnya bagus untuk kesehatan bagi mereka yang stress ^^
ini English translationnya oleh Ji Youn (NulSaRangHae)

: I’m reporter Boom from starking news. The greatest enemy for people today is stress. Let’s see what kind of stress Nick Khun had to endure.
Boom : Nick Khun has endured much stress today and return home. As soon as he arrives home the call from the upper official arrives.
[Nick Khun is mad as soon as he looks at it]
Nick Khun
: [Politely] Oh hello?
Nick Khun
: 2 pig’s feet, 2 cold noodles, and 3 JaJangMeon? Okay, I got you (he is referring to Kang HoDong)
Nick Khun
: This is snack for you? What a pig!
: Because Nick Khun is stressed he uses his mui thai skills
: This greatly stressed Nick Khun is looking for the right food to relieve his stress!
: Some of yor actual feeling went in to it right?
: It’s just acting
: It seems to real to be acting you actually done it at home right?
: It’s acting I tell you ! Acting!
[Drinks the juice] NK : I love you hyung!
[Drinks the juice]
HD: Lets talk after this ends okay? Just because you drink it, it doesn’t make you feel better right then.

video source: soo2pm
english translation source: K Bites
hunting by ocha

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