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Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009

[VIDEO + English Translation] MBLAQ - UFOTown reply

English Translation

Q: what type of messages are you replying to?
Mir: the ones with lots of hearts in them
CD: we want to reply to all of them but..
Mir: message says 'i cant get to sleep bc im thinking of you, i cant study but ill think of u and study hard! oppa fighting too'
[lady asks what is your reply]
Mir: 'please think of me a lot and study hard, and become a great person!'
CD: errr.. what...?
Mir: [defensively] what?
CD: message says 'chundoong come out, over'
my reply is very obvious - chundoong has come out, over
Q: a word to the fans?
Mir: please send lots! it makes us happy
CD: we'll reply whenever we have time so pls send us lots!

GO: message says: 'oppa you're like a model, charismatic man'
GO's reply: maybe i should've been a model..
Q: i really want to reply to these types of messages..?
GO: questions that are a little different.. but i try to reply to all of them
Joon: message says: your abs are amazing!
Q:a word to the fans?
GO: even though we're busy we'll try to send as many replies as possible
Joon: we only sleep 1 hr a day anyway.. we'll keep sending replies. don't worry, and even maybe if you dont get a reply.. please dont hate us(? - sorry he mumbled a bit here) we'll try to reply to as many as possible bc its fun.

SH: hi, i'm mblaq leader seungho
my schedule finished late today so i didn't get to take part today so im disappointed but ill try to take part later. please send lots of messages!

translation by ariel1004@youtube
source video:
hunting by ocha

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