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Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2009

[VIDEO] Taeyeon & Kim Bum Soo - Man And Woman @ Chin Chin


Of having to go on a long trip with a mere girl
Of wanting to present a road thawed by sunlight
Of wanting to treat her better than anyone else in the world
When I'm stopped by fear, what fills me with courage

The most common words I will say to you, For you
Which makes them even more difficult to say
If I asked you to just trust me
Would you be able to do that for me?

By our gazes that coincided by chance,
words that launch stars from my heart
Words used to describe how my heart is stopped
from one brush of the ends of your fingers
Words we wish to share
that have become as plentiful as a thousand raindrops
As many as twelve passing rains,
Words we use to discuss things we're curious about

Love's most commonplace words, Love you
Which makes them more difficult to say
If I tell you Let's go together
Would you be able to do that for me

Love, I love you, always
Always with you
I'm nothing without you
Forever, whenever with you, with you
I'll always be with you
For you always
Why don't you be my love

The words, "Let's be together forever", let us treasure them
"You're my last love", let's also treasure those words
Love, I escort you on this path, the insignificant me accompanies you

Promise me your feelings won't change the slightest bit
Today you're not present again,
yet on the same day before my eyes, here you are

Simply follow my heart and love me
I'll always be with you

source: SmoothyEco1st
hunting by ocha

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