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Kamis, 19 November 2009

[English Translation] SHINee Interview - ELLE GIRL December Issue

ELLE GIRL December Vol. "Who Is The Strongest Idol in 2009 The Year of Idol Battle?"

1. 2009 Best Idol Group
2. Member with the best vocals.
3. Most stylish member.
4. Member with the best body.
5. Member who looks the most attractive/charismatic
6. Member who is slightly underrated.
7. Member whose solo debut will be most anticipated.
8. Member whose activities in other arenas will be anticipated.
9. My dream group.
10. The group that is most likely to last very long.

Cha Hyunjin (Mass Communication and Culture Critic)

2. SHINee Jonghyun- ★Member with the best vocals★
Jonghyun who used to be a member of a punk rock band before entering SM, possesses a unique and beautiful voice and smooth usage of different techniques, making it irresistable to be not biased to Jonghyun's vocal.

3. SHINee Taemin- ★Most stylish member★
If in the idol world, 2PM is the epitome of the 'male body', then SHINee is the group that shows the 'shedding of traces of growing up'. In this way. Taemin as a teenager, presents his charms soundlessly to everyone. His own style can also be said to be a innate expression of excellence.

5. SHINee Minho- ★Member who looks the most attractive/charismatic★
The criteria for a pretty boy may be always changing, but 'looks' are still affirmed with no relation to time or era. That's the case for Jang Dong Gun, Jung Hyun Sung and Jo In Sung. There will be no objections to including Minho amongst them.

10. Big Bang & SHINee- ★The group that is most likely to last very long★
As of now, SHINee appears to have the most room for development/growing up. Am also anticipating Big Bang to fully conquer the Asian market, so I see the possibilities of these two groups being able to last long in the industry.

Kim Bomi (Elle Fischer Editor)

9. Big Bang Top, 2PM Taecyeon, SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, SHINee Jonghyun - My dream group.
For Top, it will be the role of the Rapper and Leader for sure, Jonghyun will be Main Vocal, Kim Hyun Joong will be Sub-Vocal and Harmony, and Taecyeon will have the role of rapping and providing a bright smile?

Cho Minki (Loving Flower Boys Section Writer)

8. SHINee Key - Member whose activities in other arenas will be anticipated.
SHINee's previous healthy image shows a suitable amount of realism and also talents which are not detestable, this making people feel that he is more lively. Seems to be able to have good showings in variety in the future.

Kim Mongpo (Style List)

5. SHINee Jonghyun - Member who looks the most attractive/charismatic
Got this feeling while having a photoshoot with SHINee recently. Even though he has the looks of a teenager, but there is this air of manliness that I have never felt from him before. Like a playful soccer player.

7. SHINee Jonghyun - Member whose solo debut will be most anticipated.
His vocal and performance abilities have yet to integrate adequately into one body. If adding the strength of SM Fanclub, his solo will definitely have a success rate of at least 90%.

Roo Sujin (Mnet Writer)

2. SHINee Jonghyun & 2AM Changmin - Members who possesses the best vocal abilities.
SHINee's Jonghyun is an amazing idol who sings better during Live than in lipsynced performances. 2AM's Changmin is able to to reach out and touch me who is 30 years old with his voice.

Translated by atlantis-x @soompi
Source: shakizi & 百度SHINee贴吧

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