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Selasa, 17 November 2009

[Piku2 + Video] f(x) - 1st fansigning event

English Translation:

First introduce themselves

Interviewee: Sulli, it's your first fansigning event, what is your impression?
Sulli: I feel really good and to find that a lot of people came, I feel really warm and touched/heartfelt

Interviewee: Luna, it's your first fansigning event, what is your impression?
Luna: Us coming to this fan signing, I just want to say thank you and in the future I want to bring more enthusiasm/eager in my image.

Luna just saying that F(x) will work hard and thank you to the fans for coming "FIGHTING!"

Interviewee: This is your first fan signing meeting, did you expect a lot of fans to come?
Krystal: No~ we never thought that. Even having a fan signing event we never thought that we would have one. So this made me very nervous.
Sulli: I think a lot of people came...
Luna: We are very thankful and it was very fun.
Victoria: There was a lot of people waiting and so I want to thank them for understanding(? I think she might have meant that because their fan signing was slow..thanks for understanding)

Interviewee: Among the fans who came, which person stood out when meeting them?
Victoria: I saw a girl fan wearing a pororo hat and I remember her the most, she was very cute. I said to her, thank you for liking por-ia (pororo plus victoria)
Amber: A chinese fan came and I couldn't write the chinese characters properly and I wrote it although it was hard but it was fun.
Krystal: There was a boy who was 14 and I called him oppa (Kyrstal is 16 so she shouldn't have said oppa to him) and I was really sorry and I told Sulli what happened and for some reason Sulli got a bit angry?
Sulli: Yes, I did get a little angry
Kyrstal: So, I remember that person the most.
Sulli: Because it's cold outside, the person told me to wear warm clothing.
Luna: I got a pink coloured couple ring..and I wanted to say thank you.

source video: legala
source piku: The Times
Reuploader: miyachan11
Credits: Aff(x)tion Forums
hunting by ocha

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