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Kamis, 12 November 2009

"Thanks to" di album 2PM 1:59PM

berikut "Thanks to" yang ada di album 2PM 1:59PM

Nichkhun: "last but not least, our 2pm members...even though we have lost one of the biggest parts of our lives...Jay...wherever you are..know that we couldn't have gotten this far without you.. we always hope that you are well and healthy.. and we're always missing you... hoping one day we can all sit down and laugh at what had happened in our lives... until then, WE WILL make you PROUD."

Junho: and finally. once we think we are family, it is an eternal thing. 2PM, Jay Junsu Khun Taec Wooyoung Chan, whatever may happen. we are 2PM. whatever people say, we are 2pm forever. yes we heard so many words. But, we've got to stand tall. To tide over a crisis, guys show people all the things what we reorganized!
마지막으로 한번 가족은 영원한 가족 우리 2PM 재범 준수 닉쿤 택연 우영 찬성 뭐가 되었던 우린 2PM 이고 사람ㄷ르이 뭐라고해도 영원한 2PM이야 수많은 말들 들어왔지마 기죽지말고 더 큰산을 넘기위해 재정비해온 모든 것들 다 뿜어버리자! -준호

Chansung: and finally, Jay Junsu Taec Khun Wooyoung Junho Chan. all 7 members, Let's get all the way together! although we now part from one, but, I believe that we are together. We are now 6. but will be seven soon. I will wait. Don't give up J.
마지막으로 재범 준수 택연 쿤 우영 준호 찬성 이렇게 7명은 앞으로 쭈욱 함께하자 언제나 어떤일로 잠시 떨어져 있더라도 우린 함께 하는거라고 생각해 !! 지금은 6명이지만 7명이서 활동할 수 있도록 기다려본다. Don't give up j -찬성

Wooyoung: I am afraid that whether I often did not realize the importance of you. My bros. I feel always shame and stand by me, really thankful and thankful bros. 2PM.
그리고 늘 가까이 있기에 그 소중함을 더 모르고 사는건 아닌지 항상 나 자신이 부끄럽고 미안한.. 그리고 지금 나에게 가장 큰 힘이 되어주며 정말로 고맙고 또 고마운 나의 형제 2PM. -우영

Junsu: 2PM babies, Jay Khun Taec Woooyoung Junho Chan, I love you all
2PM BABIES jay, khun, taec, 우영 준호 찬성.. 모두들 사랑한다 -준수

Taecyeon: and finally 2pm! Jay Junsu Khun Wooyoung Junho Chan, we can overcome this hardship. 2PM Fighting
마지막으로 2PM멤버들!! jay, 준수, khun, 우영, 준호, 찬성! 이 역경을 이겨내자 2PM 화이팅 !! -택연

source : bestiz
credit: Kor-Eng by, Coordinator:
hangul version : wwwuuunnn @ soompi
credits screencaps: happylove00 @ soompi
hunting by ocha

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