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Rabu, 25 November 2009

Hangeng artis paling miskin di China

mian ga gw translate.. ceritanya sedih banget deh.. Hangeng oppa meskipun pendapatannya paling kecil.. tapi jiwa sosialnya tinggi banget.. hwaiting oppa..

A couple of weeks ago one comment written by one Geng fan grasped my attention.

"About income, I once worried about this too.

It was reported that he earned only 1.8 million RMB last year!

My god, with his popularity and his workload, in Hong Kong he would have earned tens of millions.

That’s why he’s called the poorest star in China.

But when I heard that he donated almost all of his yearly income to the victims of Sichuan earthquake, I thought why should I worry.

Obviously, money isn’t that important to this guy.

If he earns more money, he would have given it to his mother to open another dumpling shop.

And his mother would work harder and earn more money!

Look how happy he is recently (you can see how naughty he has been in his cy)!

Isn’t that enough?

Then I felt so good! All the money in the world can’t buy you a heart of gold! I’m glad I can see it!"

by Sharon

I was so glad to see this comment since I don't remember posting about Han Geng's donation story.

source: here

Original Author: Avior

Avior gave me a permission to post her pictures at my NAVERblog.

I am sure she wouldn’t mind sharing them in here since her purpose of making those pictures was making words about our wonderful boy spread to the world.

Although Han Geng might be the poorest star in China,

he IS the most warm-hearted star in the world to Geng Fans!

I am very happy for him.

The picture below shows how happy he was during his stay in Japan.

hunting by ocha

1 komentar:

  1. Hangeng oppa..
    I was so touched when I read this..
    I didn't know that he's such a kindest man..
    I hope the other idol stars will do that too..
    May God always bless u forever.. Oppa,Hwaiting!!


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