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Senin, 02 November 2009

[Video + Trans] Cassiopeia - Love Melody: Love Letters

Words that the five shining stars whispered to us
"It's for eternity"
Yes- it will be forever. Forever united as one, no doubt. OH~!

And those last few words
"I love you forever"
Now is the beginning of our Melody

I never believed in love at first sight
At least until I first laid my eyes on them
Before I knew it, those words had become my reality

Now, it doesn't seem like I could go even a single day without you
On those days you feel too exhausted to go on, please listen to our song
All your pains will be washed clear away

Day by day, delivering laughter and hope
I bet we're really very
lovable to you now

Instrumentals: It's time now to show the world what Cassiopeia is capable of

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[TRANS] 091031 Fanclub Cassiopeia TVXQ telah merilis album fans baru untuk mensupport member TVXQ : Sports Chosun News:

The full proceed from this album will be used to help the needy neighbors.
Cassies are plainly amazing!
Let us all keep our faith together with them!

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