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Kamis, 03 September 2009

[English Translation] BIGBANG T.O.P「ELLE Korea」Photo Shoot + NII Event - TaeYang's Message to a Lucky Fan: Aug. 31, 2009

Bronze coloured rider jacket,
Long fox muffler all Gucci

"It tortures me secretly.
People talk about how hard they've worked
and what hard times they've gone through,
but I just want to show all of that with the results"

Checkered shirt with metal buttons
Black jersey pants, stripped pattered tie
All Gucci

"To our members I want to show them
the good side of me as a hyung.
A lot of people ask me about this,
my main business is music."

Skinny pants that have a black satin line on the side.
Shining loafers that have blue, grey and black.
Blue coloured velvet jacket, all Gucci

"I just throw myself every day.
On the stage Choi Seunghyun,
so I think that I'm not my own self when I go up on stage."

Monotone check shirt, animal printed cashmere knit,
grey tone checkers pants, black and white leather neck tie
All Gucci

V-neck knit that has a tight fit.
Skinny pants that had a black satin side line
All Gucci

Shirt with cube-pattern print
Skinny pants with a black satin side line
Black PVC jacket all Gucci

"About two years ago
my grandfather who was a novelist passed away.
The words he left "Always feed your soul with meditation"
made me even stronger"

Check biker jacket that is made by a material that's mixed with wool and leather
White shirt with some black
Jeans with pearl spray all Gucci

"I try to not waste time.
Also the tomorrow,
I think of the tomorrow that's going to come right after today."

Translations by Beau @ bbvipz

aeYang: "Hi, ChangRok (sounds like a guy's name), thank you for such a profound letter. In the letter, you asked me not to be swayed by popularity and to remain a musician who is true to his music. As you said, I will be a singer who is committed to becoming a great musician who does great music and devote all my passion and energy to music."

[Video: elavip2@YouTube; 마시멜로@bbvipz]
[Translated by pgeorgie]

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